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About Us

Dare Greatly stands to embody and pay tribute to a great excerpt from the Citizenship in a Republic by President Theodore Roosevelt. The excerpt is commonly referred to as, The Man in The Arena. It speaks of giving credit to the people out in the world who face the great struggles and worries of life head-on and are not afraid of failure, vulnerability, or embarrassment.


Paris, France. April 23rd, 1910. Then U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt is in the middle of page seven of an impassioned 35-page speech entitled Citizenship in a Republic. What comes next are some of the most famous words ever spoken by a U.S. President. Commonly referred to as "The Man In The Arena", this 140-word excerpt speaks unabashedly of giving credit to the people in the world who face the great struggles and worries of life head-on. They not afraid of failure, vulnerability, nor embarrassment. It fuels the fire to those who refuse to settle for mediocrity. Those who Dare Greatly will not stop until their goal is achieved. 


This has resonated with me for many years because of the deep message and meaning it conveys. Everyone has encountered occasions of struggle or been in situations where a steadfast, keep moving mindset was needed. I have tried to use this message to change my outlook on lifes obstacles and how to get through hard times. 

I believe that life should be molded by what you accomplish and what you experience. You should to be in control of your life and not let outside occurrences or people affect YOUR time on this planet. You are the author of your story. 

I want to use this company to reach a larger audience and to help people with moving forward when times get tough. And to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. Life will have its bumps and obstacles but there will always be positives to look for in the horizon. We must have that drive, deep down in us, to keep going and to push past the curve balls life throws us. We need to be the ones that make a change for the better in our lives and to applaud those who are risking it all to make theirs better. Be the one in The Arena and not the one in the audience.

Enjoy this coffee, use it as a push and that extra energy you need to get your day started on the right foot. Drink it as a reminder that you should not be afraid to keep on grinding, but more importantly to always, Dare Greatly.